“Handpainted and Unique!”

In 2015 I started painting N scale cows. My dad, who loves constructing model-railways, needed patched cows for his N scale track. The black-and-white cows were a little to mainstream for him, and red-and-white cows were not available. That is when I first started using my brushes and paint, whilst sitting at the kitchentable.

I started liking it more and more and started with H0 scale cows, horses and sheep. Later I started painting old Dutch breeds of cows, French Charolais and Switserland’s Braunvieh cows. Early 2016 I went to a model-railwayevent in Joure and to Railrunners in the city of Groningen. I got a lot of positive feedback here and customers asked for ‘Witrik cows’ and different German breeds. Because of the growing demand I decided to add those to my selection. My range of products is very broad now, and a lot of countries are represented. I see customers from America, Australia, England, Germany and Japan visiting my webshop and buying my products, and there is a specific cow, sheep or horse for every one of them.

Every animal is painted by hand. I often use several layers of paint, which create realistic and natural colors. Every animal is at least painted five times. Some breeds that need to be painted completely, like ‘Dutch Lakenvelders’ or Hereford Cows, need even more layers. The patched coated cows are never equally alike, and the same goes for horses. This makes working on every animal special, every animal is unique.

 “My goal: Unique scenery for unique railways”

Geke van Petegem