Unique hand-painted cows, horses and sheep for 00 Gauge, H0 and N Scale

New: HO/ OO Scale Belted Galloway

These cows are originally from Schotland. Belted Galloways have been spread over the whole world, from America to New Zealand, but can also be seen in several European countries. They are beautiful animals that can be recognized from far away. The model is in scale H0, but 00 is also possible… BG is a very small breed of cows. Withers of the model: 1,55 cm.

New: VPS model Highland cattle or ‘Heilan Coo’

The rough look, the feet, the position of the head, height at the withers, it is all thought out. So we are very proud of this model!
I have painted them with several layers paint, just like the real cows: they have several layers hair.
Also I used 5 different colors brown and on the back you can see the sun shining. We deliver these cows in the 3 common colors: brow, black and lightbrow.

Unique Scenery handpainted by Geke

“In 2015 I started painting N scale cows. My dad, who loves constructing model-railways, needed patched cows for his N scale track. The black-and-white cows were a little to mainstream for him, and red-and-white cows were not available. That is when I first started using my brushes and paint, whilst sitting at the kitchentable.”


“Schitterend!” 16 Maart 2019 Klant op OnTraXS, Utrecht Holland

“Ik heb de bestelling met onder meer de Schotse hooglanders in goede orde
Ze zien er goed uit. In het najaar ga ik aan de slag en iets verzinnen
om ze een plek te geven, waarschijnlijk kleinschalig.
Succes met de producties en het bedenken van nieuwe artikelen.
Met vriendelijke groet, Peter, The Netherlands” 1 Juni 2019