VPS Model Highland cattle red/ brown fur


Contains: 1 cow
Country: Scotland, worldwide
Height: 1,45 cm, a real Heilan Coo has a hight of 125- 130 cm
Scale: H0 Scale, 1:87, or even 00
Color: Chestnut, brown

Model: Van Petegem Scenery


“This is our newest model H0 cow: The Heilan’ Coo.
They are all handpainted and every animal is slightly different, unique.
Since I have started painting H0 en N model cows in 2015, this cow breed was one of my dreams: our own realistic model Scottisch Highland, or as Dave calls them: Heilan’ Coo.
We have these cows nearby our house in Kootstertille, The Netherlands, they are so beatiful.
So rough, big and when you meet them in real life, they are quite scary with there big horns…

This model is made by Bernd Hauser from Germany, a ‘Modellmeister’. The rough look, the feet, the
position of the head, height at the withers, it is all thought out. So we are very proud of this model!
I have painted them with several layers paint, just like the real cows: they have several layers hair.
Also I used 5 different colors brown and on the back you can see the sun shining.
We deliver these cows in the 3 common colors: brow, black and lightbrow.
We are proud and just thankful te deliver our first serie Heilan’ cows to Scotland, to The Tencommandments!

Greetings Geke van Petegem- Elverdink
Van Petegem Scenery


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